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White People Legacy of Violence

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Here are the summaries for each working group:

Coordination & Strategy:

The Coordination & Strategy Working Group is the core leadership group for SURJ Columbus. This group is in charge of making most structural decisions for the chapter, building from consensus from the full group as appropriate. This group is responsible for planning & facilitating the monthly membership meetings, coordinating with the other working groups & membership and partnered racial justice orgs, moderating the SURJ listserv, Facebook page and twitter. This group is also responsible for setting the overall strategy of our SURJ chapter.


The Action Working Group is responsible for planning actions and its logistics. Actions would follow a call to action locally, regionally or nationally, or decided by the larger membership or Coordination & Strategy WG. Roles include scouting, mobilizing turn out, connecting with partnered groups part of action, outreach, promoting action if not secret, other logistics such as jail support, de-escalation, media wrangler, live social media, etc. No prior experience necessary!

Study & Research:

The Study and Research Group is dedicated to creating opportunities for the community to educate themselves around the history of racism in the United States, whiteness, and the intersections of various oppressive systems. Roles include creating study groups, facilitating study groups, mobilizing people for needed research, and inviting more white people to join in study for liberation. No prior experience necessary.


The Trainings Working Group is responsible for trainings. This includes planning trainings for monthly meetings or elsewhere, putting on the training themselves OR outreach to line-up trainers. The trainings are meant to mostly be for ourselves, but as appropriate there could/should be trainings open to the general public. No prior experience necessary.

Childcare Collective:

The Childcare Collective Working Group provides free childcare to groups and organizations working for racial justice in Columbus. No prior experience necessary. Training is available.


The Art Working Group is in charge of SURJ graphics. This includes creating fliers, pamphlets, signs, etc as needed. In the case of actions, this WG would coordinate art builds to create banners/signs. You don’t need to be an artist to join!

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